100 Metaphor Examples (Common Example Sentences)

What is Metaphor?

It is a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two unlike things by saying that one thing is another without using the words “like” or “as”. Metaphors show similarities between the two entities. They create deeper understanding and highlight certain qualities.

Types of Metaphors

1- Simple Metaphor

Simple metaphor directly compares the two things.

Example: Her voice is music to my ears.

2- Extended Metaphor

This kind of metaphor elaborates and develops several lines and even an entire piece of work.

Example: In Shakespeare’s “All the World’s a Stage,” he extends the metaphor of life being a play throughout the passage.

All the World's a Stage, he extends the metaphor of life being a play throughout the passage
All the World’s a Stage, he extends the metaphor of life being a play throughout the passage

3- Implied Metaphor

Implied metaphor does not specifically state the comparison but considers it through the context or imagery used.

Example: The sun danced on the horizon, casting a warm glow on the earth.

4- Dead Metaphor

Dead metaphor has been used so often that it has lost its original impact and has become a common phrase.

Example: The leg of the table” or “the heart of the matter.

5- Mixed Metaphor

This metaphor combines two and more inconsistent metaphors. It results in a confusing and humorous image.

Example: The project was a roller coaster from start to finish, but we managed to steer it in the right direction.

6- Absolute Metaphor

The absolute metaphor make comparison that it does not make literal sense.

Example: The silence was deafening.

7- Synesthetic Metaphor

Synesthetic metaphor compares one sensory experience to another often crossing sensory boundaries.

Example: The sunset was a symphony of colors.

Synesthetic Metaphor - The sunset was a symphony of colors.
Synesthetic Metaphor – The sunset was a symphony of colors.

8- Conceptual Metaphor

The conceptual metaphor is used to understand and experience one conceptual domain in terms of another.

Example: Time is money” or “Love is a journey.

100 Metaphor Examples

Here are 100 common examples of metaphors in English:

  1. Life is a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs.
  2. Time is money so spend it wisely.
  3. Her eyes were diamonds, which sparks in the light.
  4. The world is a stage and we are all actors.
  5. His words were music to her ears.
  6. The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas.
  7. The sun was a golden ball that bounces in the sky.
  8. The stars were a blanket of light, which covers the night sky.
  9. The snow was a white carpet covering the ground.
  10. The river was a snake, which winds through the landscape.
  11. The wind was a howling wolf baying at the moon.
  12. The leaves were a kaleidoscope of colors dancing in the breeze.
  13. The clouds were cotton candy floating in the sky.
  14. The thunder was a drumbeat pounding in the distance.
  15. The lightning was a firework exploding in the sky.
  16. The raindrops were tears falling from the sky.
  17. The sunrise was a canvas painted with colors.
  18. The sunset was a masterpiece painted by nature.
  19. The ocean was a mirror reflecting the sky.
  20. The desert was a sea of sand stretching to the horizon.
  21. The mountains were giants towering over the land.
  22. The trees were sentinels standing guard over the forest.
  23. The flowers were a rainbow brightening the garden.
  24. The grass was a green carpet soft beneath her feet.
  25. The path was a ribbon winding through the woods.
  26. The bridge was a gateway connecting two worlds.
  27. The city was a jungle full of concrete and steel.
  28. The traffic was a river flowing through the streets.
  29. The skyscrapers were fingers reaching for the sky.
  30. The subway was a labyrinth twisting beneath the city.
  31. The airport was a hive buzzing with activity.
  32. The library was a temple packed up with knowledge.
  33. The bookstore was a treasure trove filled with stories.
  34. The theater was a palace filled with dreams.
  35. The museum was a time machine transporting visitors to the past.
  36. The art gallery was a wonderland packed up with beauty.
  37. The concert hall was a cathedral infused with music.
  38. The stadium was a colosseum loaded with cheering fans.
  39. The amusement park was a playground filled with laughter.
  40. The zoo was a kingdom, packed up with animals.
  41. The aquarium was an underwater world full of sea creatures.
  42. The planetarium was a spaceship exploring the universe.
  43. The observatory was a window looking into the heavens.
  44. The laboratory was a kitchen cooking up experiments.
  45. The workshop was a studio creating masterpieces.
  46. The factory was an assembly line producing goods.
  47. The office was a beehive humming with productivity.
  48. The classroom was a garden growing minds.
  49. The playground was a circus filled with acrobats.
  50. The park was an oasis, a refuge from the city.
  51. The beach was a paradise, a slice of heaven on earth.
  52. The island was a jewel sparkling in the sea.
  53. The lighthouse was a beacon guiding ships to safety.
  54. The bridge was a tightrope stretched across the water.
  55. The tunnel was a wormhole connecting two points in space.
  56. The highway was a ribbon stretching across the land.
  57. The train was a snake slithering along the tracks.
  58. The airplane was a bird soaring through the sky.
  59. The helicopter was a dragonfly hovering in the air.
  60. The rocket was an arrow shooting into space.
  61. The computer was a brain processing information.
  62. The internet was a web connecting the world.
  63. The phone was a lifeline linking people.
  64. The television was a window looking into other worlds.
  65. The radio was a voice speaking from afar.
  66. The camera was an eye capturing moments.
  67. The pen was a sword mightier than the blade.
  68. The paintbrush was a magic wand creating beauty.
  69. The instrument was a voice expressing emotions.
  70. The dance was a language telling a story.
  71. The song was a poem set to music.
  72. The movie was a dream brought to life.
  73. The play was a mirror reflecting society.
  74. The sculpture was a frozen moment captured in time.
  75. The building was a giant towering over the city.
  76. The bridge was a handshake connecting two sides.
  77. The dam was a wall, holding back the water.
  78. The power plant was a heart pumping energy.
  79. The wind turbine was a pinwheel spinning in the breeze.
  80. The solar panel was a sponge soaking up the sun.
  81. The battery was a reservoir storing energy.
  82. The wire was a vein carrying electricity.
  83. The switch was a gatekeeper controlling the flow.
  84. The motor was a workhorse powering machines.
  85. The gear was a tooth meshing with others.
  86. The wheel was a circle turning round and round.
  87. The axle was a spine supporting the wheels.
  88. The engine was a beast roaring to life.
  89. The fuel was food feeding the engine.
  90. The exhaust was breath expelled from the engine.
  91. The radiator was a lung cooling the engine.
  92. The brake was a leash controlling the machine.
  93. The accelerator was a whip urging the machine forward.
  94. The steering wheel was a compass guiding the way.
  95. The road was a ribbon unfurling before the traveler.
  96. The map was a puzzle waiting to be solved.
  97. The compass was a guide pointing the way.
  98. The journey was a story unfolding with each step.
  99. The destination was a goal waiting to be reached.
  100. Life is a canvas waiting to be painted.
100 metaphor examples
100 metaphor examples

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