140 Duck Puns That’ll Make You Quack Up

Puns are very sophisticated and ingenious forms of humour which make unexpected use of the dual meanings of a word or play with its sound. This makes one laugh and sometimes even groan. Duck puns bring the positive image of ducks.

The ducks amuse us with their funny and comic voice such as calling out “quack, quack” in a group or doing the waddle- faddle around. These puns involve phrases like “quack,” “duck,” or those related to the bird’s character or physical features.

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These specific types of puns are related to duck. These puns are humorous, charming, and unpredictable. They include the physical characteristics and behaviours of the ducks, like ”water off a duck’s back” and ”lucky duck”. They are a favorite source of jokes accessible to both adults and children, when is required a recourse to cheerful and family-friendly environments.

Duck Puns Sentences

  1. Let’s get quacking on this project!
  2. I’m just ducky, thanks for asking.
  3. You’re one lucky duck.
  4. This situation is really quacked up.
  5. I’m just winging it today.
  6. Water you up to? Just ducking around!
  7. Nothing gets my bill in a knot like a good pun.
  8. I’m fowl-ling in love with these puns.
  9. Let’s waddle our way to the park.
  10. I hope you have a quacking good birthday!
  11. Just a bill in the crowd.
  12. I’m all it’s quacked up to be.
  13. Don’t let life ruffle your feathers.
  14. I’m absolutely quackers about you.
  15. Aflac to the drawing board.
  16. You fit the bill perfectly.
  17. That joke really quacked me up.
  18. Be like a duck: calm on the surface, but paddling like the dickens underneath.
  19. I’ve got all my ducks in a row.
  20. I’m down with that.
  21. Waddle we do if we can’t solve this?
  22. You’re the best in the flock.
  23. He’s a bit of an odd duck.
  24. Are you ready to duck and roll?
  25. Just ducky doo, how about you?
  26. Avoiding the puddle? That’s not very ducky.
  27. It’s a quacking good day for an adventure.
  28. Let’s quack this case wide open.
  29. He’s got a bill for every occasion.
  30. Nothing like a quack snack.
  31. Keep calm and quack on.
  32. Don’t let your dreams be just duck dreams.
  33. This weather’s perfect for ducks.
  34. I’ve got to duck out early today.
  35. Hope your day’s going swimmingly.
  36. I’m not what you think I yam, I’m a duck.
  37. Life’s ducky when I’m with you.
  38. Quack open a cold one with the boys.
  39. You’re the pick of the duck pond.
  40. Ducking out of responsibility today!
  41. Hope to see you pond-ering life soon.
  42. Let’s shake our tail feathers tonight!
  43. No need to duck and cover, it’s just rain.
  44. Every day with you is just ducky.
  45. Not all it’s quacked up to be, huh?
  46. Time to duck-ument our adventures.
  47. You’re quite the feather in my cap.
  48. Never duck a good challenge.
  49. I’m just here for the duck tales.
  50. Quacking up under the pressure.
  51. This joke might fit the bill.
  52. Let’s make this night quack-tacular.
  53. Feels like a duck blur.
  54. Quacking all the way home.
  55. Just a happy little duckling.
  56. Living the duck dream.
  57. You’re the quack of dawn!
  58. What’s quacking, good looking?
  59. Just pecking around for snacks.
  60. Don’t let the quack talk get to you.
  61. You quack me up like no one else.
  62. Just a quack in the wall.
  63. Ducking beneath the surface.
  64. Quacktastic!
  65. Sometimes you just need to duck down and get on with it.
  66. Feather or not, here I come!
  67. Be like a duck: majestic on the surface, but a whirlwind of activity underneath.
  68. I’m all ducked out!
  69. Our friendship isn’t just a fleeting duck.
  70. That’s just water off a duck’s back.
  71. Let’s duck dive into this.
  72. Feeling like a million ducks.
  73. Keep on paddling like a duck.
  74. Not my first rodeo, but definitely my first duck show.
  75. Be the duck-ling of the ball.
  76. Every duck has its day.
  77. This is what I call duck-lightful!
  78. Peeking duck.
  79. Hope your day is going swimmingly!
  80. You’re my duckling, all grown up.
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Duck Pun Funny Jokes

  1. What do you call a crate of ducks? A box of quackers.
  2. Why was the duck arrested? For selling quack.
  3. What do you get when you cross a duck with fireworks? A firequacker.
  4. What’s a duck’s favorite snack? Cheese and quackers.
  5. Why don’t ducks ever have spare change? Because they only carry bills.
  6. What do you call a duck that steals? A robber duck.
  7. Why do ducks make great detectives? They always quack the case.
  8. What do you call a duck who likes to watch sports? A ball-duck.
  9. Why was the duck so good at fixing things? He was handy with the duct tape.
  10. What did the duck say when she bought lipstick? “Put it on my bill.”
  11. What do ducks watch on TV? Duck-umentaries.
  12. What do you call a duck with fangs? Count Quackula.
  13. What’s a duck’s favorite ballet? The Nutquacker.
  14. How do ducks talk to each other? By using quackberry phones.
  15. What happens when a duck flies upside down? It quacks up.
  16. Why did the duck go to rehab? He was a quack addict.
  17. What do you call two ducks and a cow? Quackers and milk.
  18. What do ducks get after they eat? A bill!
  19. Why do ducks lay eggs? Because if they dropped them, they’d break!
  20. What’s a duck’s favorite dance? The waddle.
Duck Pun Funny Jokes
Duck Pun Funny Jokes

Duck Pun Quotes

  1. “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a duck, then always be a duck.”
  2. “Life isn’t all it’s quacked up to be, but with ducks, it’s close.”
  3. “When I said ‘duck for cover,’ I didn’t mean literally.”
  4. “Duck puns: webbed in humor.”
  5. “If ducks could talk, they’d say things just ducky.”
  6. “To live like a duck, be calm on the surface and paddle hard underneath.”
  7. “A day without a duck is a day without a quack.”
  8. “Feather your nest with duck puns; they won’t let you down.”
  9. “Quack like nobody’s listening.”
  10. “Being a duck means never having to say you’re down.”
  11. “Ducks: putting the ‘quack’ in ‘quackery’.”
  12. “Duck power: because life’s better with a quack.”
  13. “Feather your day with quack-tastic fun.”
  14. “Let’s waddle the talk.”
  15. “Ducks: the original quackfunders.”
  16. “Every day I’m waddling.”
  17. “Duck: the other webbed feet.”
  18. “A duck’s life is more than just a bill.”
  19. “Ducks: because even life needs a bit of quack.”
Duck Pun Quotes
Duck Pun Quotes

Duck Pun Captions for Instagram

  1. “Feeling just ducky today! 🦆”
  2. “Quacking my way through life.”
  3. “Waddle I do without my duck squad?”
  4. “Just another manic Monday for this duck.”
  5. “Got any grapes? 🍇”
  6. “Waddle we waiting for? Let’s go!”
  7. “Living the quack life.”
  8. “This duck gets down.”
  9. “Stay quacky, San Diego.”
  10. “Just a bill on a spree.”
  11. “What’s quacking, peeps?”
  12. “Duck hair, don’t care.”
  13. “Caught in a quackmire.”
  14. “Suns out, ducks out.”
  15. “Quack, there it is!”
  16. “Ducking around like usual.”
  17. “You’re the wind beneath my wings.”
  18. “Quack me up before you go-go.”
  19. “Keep calm and quack on.”
  20. “Just ducking fantastic!”
Duck Pun Captions for Instagram
Duck Pun Captions for Instagram

The witty puns and captions of duck open a Pandora box of humor to prove the point that duck is definitely something to QUACK about here. No matter what ducking set of feelings you possess in the current moment, attempt to bring a little bit of funnily and share a smile to others with these duck puns!

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